i tend to be an anxious person.  i always have a million things on my to-do list and life gets crazy sometimes.  i also do a million things to help ease my anxiety.  i swear by magnesium (CALM) drink.  i guess normal people have it before bed to help them sleep, but i throw my CALM in my water bottle along with my collagen powder and sip it throughout the day. i exercise regularly.  i eat tons of probiotics.  but something else i do is fill my house with fresh flowers and potted plants.

i notice whenever i am in a room with fresh flowers i am happier and more relaxed.  like smelling flowers lowers my blood pressure or something.  so i did a little research into it and YES there turns out to be a bunch of research supporting this.  it's not just me.

ok so apparently here are some of the findings:

you recover faster from health issues when surrounded by plants and flowers

less anxiety

more energy

lower blood pressure

lower pulse rate

all around better mood

more productive

more creative

more joyous

increased feelings of gratitude

some other notes about flower power can also create more intimacy between you and your friends and family.  bring someone some flowers with you the next time you go to your best friends house.  it's such a simple and effective way to create a closer relationship and bring people together.

david has been on a succulent obsession recently so spending a couple dollars on a new baby plant just lights him up.  it's amazing. and in return the dishes get done (WHAT!)

sustainability note: local flowers last longer