Inner as Outer wear

It was so fun being able to shoot yesterday with the support of my family after the Pride Parade with my two mom's, partner, step son and pup.  So much of LOTD is private and so to shoot this inner as outer wear piece with the joy of the people closest to me meant the world!

One of the reasons I was compelled into being a lingerie blogger, is my obsession with comfort.  I will not wear something if it is uncomfortable!  I have heard so many women discuss their frustration with uncomfortable underwear--and I get it!--this is a real problem!  But trust me, you can have comfort without only wearing cotton briefs and sweatpants (although that can be amazing!).  Wearing the ultimate for comfort wear that does not skimp on elegance, H&M silk nightshirt, Black silk and lace bodysuit by Salua, Belt was my great grandmothers, Pant's men's vintage, dog harness by Dean and Tyler