Summer Backyard Engagement Party

I love this idea of hosting an engagement party in the comfort of your own backyard.  Put up a white sheet or a canvas drop cloth and suddenly you have the perfect place to display home videos of the two of you, or a photo slide filled with special moments.  Once the party dies down, you and your betrothed can relax and watch your favorite movie, just the two of you


Outdoor rug (plastic tarp optional)

Throw pillows


Globe lights

Snacks and drinks, and place to put them

Projector and speakers (Bluetooth will save your life!)

Decorations such as candles or flowers



First things first, set up the sheet or drop cloth.  An easy and resourceful way is to use tent poles and rope, but if that’s not your thing you could buy a projector screen and stand. 

If it’s been raining or the ground is damp, make sure to put a plastic tarp down under your outdoor rug

Top with throw pillows, blankets, and maybe a sheepskin for your guests to relax on.

Find a low table, garage sales are full of fun items like this, and place snacks, drink and decorations there.

Before your guests arrive set up the projector and speakers.

Just a side note, globe lights are something magical.  Put them anywhere and suddenly your space looks ten times more done up!


This is a fun and simple recipe that people will love.  I would suggest trying to cook marshmallows inside before the day of the party.  It's a tiny tricky until you get the hang of it!

Maybe it's my southern roots, but I am all about keeping things low maintenance and delicious.  

Another item to place around the party are these pretty popcorn jars.  So cute and they fit perfectly within the theme of the party!

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