The Yoni Experience Part 1: Let's Get Technical

By now we have all heard of yoni eggs, those mysterious stones intended to be placed inside the vaginal canal for health and wellbeing.  I've been curious about them for quite some time. I have looked into them here and there, heard stories from friends, but it never felt right for me to try them myself, until recently.  

Yoni, a word deriving from sanskrit, can be translated as the female creative energy, or the point of origin of the universe.  Its parallel would be the the shiva lingam, or male creative energy.  These are words used commonly in the hindu religion.  These are not gendered terms, they are energetic terms similiar to yin and yang.

Before we dive in, I want to give a little preface to this three part series.  People on the internet seem to have a lot of opinions about vaginal weights, yoni eggs specifically.  So in Part 1 I wanted to bring you the most up to date and evidence based research on the topic.  Later I will share my own experiences and perspectives, framed within what I have found from current medical research.  That being said, if you are looking into trying vaginal weights yourself, please check with your health care professional first, and honestly a pelvic floor specialist is just an awesome person to have on your team. 

I also want to emphasize that using yoni eggs, does not in any way, insinuate lack of absolute natural vaginal perfection.  Somewhere along the way, particularly in the US, women picked up this idea that the state of our vagina isn't "good enough."  We got this idea that our vagina's should be tighter, stronger and younger--I call bullshit.  This type of thinking is inaccurate, heartbreaking and dangerous. The vagina is a miracle, it is self healing, self cleaning and made up of a group of muscles that are incredibly elastic.  That being said, if you are having any type of issue or insecurity regarding your vaginal strength, I suggest you go to a pelvic floor specialist--because they are awesome and your vagina is awesome!

Now let's get to the good stuff!  Sadly, science isn't ready to do much investigating into women's pleasure yet, so the research I found is all about solving problems.  The main problem discussed in relation to pelvic floor health is incontinence.   It's pretty funny reading some of the research out there.  Little sentences will pop up on the side saying, "ummm, some women found a side effect to be stronger orgasms." No big deal.  

So we've all heard the rumors that yoni eggs can help with sexual health, lubrication, confidence,  libido, hormone balancing, PMS, breast tenderness, strengthening the vaginal walls, pelvic floor muscles, and probably creating world peace too.  For me though, the most important benefit of working with yoni eggs is the self awareness brought to the pussy.  Even if the only benefit was bringing a little self love there, it would totally be worth it.  We put our vaginas on the back burner way too often.

So do yoni eggs actually benefit the vagina?  

Three of the main types of therapies currently being used for vaginal health are: vaginal weights, pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), better known as kegels, and lastly electrostimulation.  Research has found no statistically significant difference between these therapy methods and their effectiveness.   Basically this means each therapy technique has about the same range of effectiveness and much depends on a women's therapy preference and physiology.  Every person's anatomy and pelvic floor is completely unique and will need different things.  One thing everyone seems to agree on though is that exercise is key for a healthy pelvic floor.  Even walking 20 minutes a day can greatly improve your overall health and well being.  The pelvic floor muscles (PFM) are like a hammock that holds everything up, so if the muscle groups surrounding the PFM are strong, it puts less stress on the PFM.

But basically, YES, science says yes. Yoni eggs work.

Now to the personal, I hate doing kegels, I never do them, and I know I should, but I find them so annoying, besides that stopping-your-pee-a-few-times-midstream technique.  Also, according to research kegels are pretty hard to do correctly--apparently a lot of people are doing them wrong--who knew!--consulting with a physical therapist might be valuable since incorrectly stressing your PFM can cause harm.   However, here is a link to the proper basic kegel and if you are more into visuals here is a youtube link.

MEN: I am not an expert on this at ALLL and I can't speak from personal experience but kegels are not just for the gals.  Here's one fun link ya might want to check out.

Self taught use of vaginal weights can be effective for some women and the weight of the egg can be an indicator of pelvic floor strength.  Vaginal weights will be more effective for some women than others, however some women find them uncomfortable, so they are definitely not for everyone. Again, a health care professional can help you determination this, as well as trusting your own intuition.  If there is any type of pain or discomfort simply discontinue use.

I knew I needed to wait until now to try yoni eggs.  I cannot tell you why.  I made the decision based on my feelings and intuition.  In Part 2 I will go into choosing a yoni egg, how your yoni practice can be incredible for preparing for childbirth, whether or not to use the stones on your period, how to clean your egg and a millions more things that were simply too long to cover here.


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