Last Minute Valentines Ideas

If you’re anything like me you’re totally surprised Valentines Day is already here!  So I’ve made up a list of a few no-fuss ideas you can pull off last minute.


Low key, but sentimental

Write a heart felt love note to your one and only, then venture out to that wine bar, or new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.  It’s romantic, intimate and takes nearly no time to plan.

Pamper me!

Run a hot bubble bath for the two of you and don’t forget to have some fluffy robes waiting for when you’re done.  Bring along your sweeties favorite drink of choice and maybe some chocolates.   End the evening giving each other massages and sharing what you appreciate about the other.

You’re sweetheart loves gifts and you forgot!

A completely understandable situation—plus who made Valentines Day on a Sunday??  Solution: give a massage!  If you have time you can run out and buy a few tea lights to decorate the room, along with a bottle of champagne and roses.   A massage with gently warmed oils is always an excellent last minute gift.  My personal favorite oil is organic coconut oil.

You’re stressed and cannot even think about planning anything!

We have all been there!  And I’m sure your sweetie just wants you to be happy, so why not order takeout, open a bottle of wine and watch a classic love story like Casablanca or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Another no bother idea is Netflix and homemade cocktails, topped off with a small gift such as a new piece of lingerie!

You’ve just started dating.

So you don’t want to go over the top, but you want to make a gesture, go out for some fancy cocktails.  It’s casual, but sends the perfect message.

You are not a Valentines fan

No worries!  Use it as an excuse to do something fun like rock climbing or ice skating, go see band you’ve been wanting to see or find one of those movie theatres that serve dinner and drinks.

You are single so…

Hit the slopes with friends or host a fun little dinner party.   Some of my best memories have been on Valentines Day with friends.