I eat very consciously because I want my body to have the best building material.  And are cells are just constantly rebuilding themselves, right?!  Ok, but I have heard over and over that our skin is ultra absorbent, here is a great article that goes into more depths on this subject fromDownToEarth.org So what I love about Bras Without Wires is it is lined with Australian organic cotton.   It is crazy how many chemicals fabrics are treated with, which in turn our skin absorbs, so I always get super ecstatic to learn about new ethical fashion lines.  Particularly ones that support health for within our own physiologies and our earths natural ecosystems.  This ultra comfortable no wire bra--hence the name--gives the same support and uplift as an underwire bra, but leaves the discomfort behind.  And if you thought this company could not be more beautiful and ethical and all around amazing, they donate profits to cancer research.  So, yeah!  If you want to support a good cause and give yourself a little lovin at the same time, check out Bras Without Wires