The first time I encountered Commando was at a lingerie trade show.  Every person working the booth was gracious, kind and so helpful.  They took me through their entire collection showing off their best sellers and the new editions to their line.  What stood out to me was the versatility and practicality of their products.  Each and every piece was not only impeccably made, but it was made for a purpose, made because women needed it.  From their seamless, no VPL bottoms, to their shape wear tights.  

Here I am wearing Commando's Ballet Mock Neck Bodysuit, described as hosiery for your top half and that is exactly what it is.  The body suit is aptly named since it will make you want to move, move, move and give you the confidence of a ballerina.  Not shape wear but an excellent keep-warm piece for cold weather.  It's on my MUST list for the holiday season.  Form fitting so it's easy to use this as a warmer under a holiday dress, but I prefer to show this piece off when I wear it.  A simple yet elegant look that takes no time to pull off is this bodysuit with black menswear pants and a big silver belt.  Chic and effortless. 

One size fits most. If you need breathability--be cautious.--t really is like wearing tights if ya get my drift.