Wearing a summer staple for me, GemPicket.  Some things I love about this brand, neutral color pallet, made for comfort, ultra feminine, refined fabrics, natural fibers such as silk and cotton, and breathable.    Exquisite creations!  When I wear something made so well, I relax.  I feel as though I am being taken care of.   The pieces featured here are demure and sheer, enhancing the curves of my figure while also being forgiving.  The silk cotton blend sits so lightly upon my skin it feels as though I'm going au natural.  GemPicket effortlessly blurs the lines between loungewear and outerwear.  I have worn the items featured here both in the home and over a pair of jeans.  This is a brand I will definitely keep coming back to.

Featured here is the Tab Top, Batiste Jogger shorts, and Silk Strip Negligee.  All by GemPicket.