Hanna Broer creates handmade organic lingerie and loungwear.  Ultra comfortable,  gorgeous and ethical.

I had a chance to connect with Hanna over the phone and I was so impressed with her business and the quality of products she produces.  

The deeper I go into lingerie and holistic health, the more I learn how absorbent vagina's and nipples are.  So any kind of chemical used to make our underwear is taken into our body.  Which our body then has to purify out--if it can.  Organic cotton lingerie is about as pure as it comes, I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's definitely better than most other chemical laden fabrics.

Hanna is a small business owner who loves what she does.  There is something special about knowing the person making your clothes is putting care and kindness into each and every thread.  So much intention, from sourcing the fabric, to pattern making, like a lot goes into making a bra supportive enough to hold the weight of breasts properly.   And that's not even mentioning any of the business side.  

I wear Hanna's products all the time--they are probably my most worn pieces of lingerie.  Self care and feelin sexy all wrapped into one!