SIDE NOTE: i grew up an all organic vegetarian who ate farm to table as much as possible--not because it was cool or trendy but because i grew up in meditation community in 90% rural iowa.  it was just the culture i was brought up in.  

when it comes to health i believe the less toxins the better

we live in a culture that is SATURATED in chemicals and toxins so i figure if i can reduce my exposure, i will.

decades of studies support long term exposure to toxins and chemicals to be linked with cancer, asthma, infertility, learning disabilities and the list just goes on and on.  not fun stuff.

particualrly for women in the US makeup and beauty products are a huge source of the daily dose of 

with beauty products--let's face it--it is REALLY hard to go all natural/USDA organic

we are putting on makeup for a reason.  if that shit doesn't work, it's a waste of time

so in this section of my blog i will share with you my health and beauty tips that are as close to organic as possible without going crazy.  for example i haven't found an organic foundation that actually works.  i've tried a million. so if you have found one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share with me! 

i guess my philosophy is to go 90% organic and forgive myself the rest--not worth the stress

my same theory goes for the grocery store. as much as i love to buy 100% organic everything, my bank account would kill me, plus i'd go insane. so i focus on the important things like dairy, meats and the dirty dozen.