I am on a mission to find effective, natural remedies for my skin.  There is simply too much unnecessary junk out there—when I pick up a bottle of some beauty product, I wanna be able to understand what the ingredients are, particularly because our skin is like a sponge.  It absorbs!!! 

Ok so honey and turmeric—incredibly easy and tasty face mask that does wonders for reducing inflammation, reducing acne and hydrating the skin.  Plus, honey has probiotic and antibacterial properties, which means it is a perfect combo for ridding the skin of unwanted acne while keeping the skin's micro biome healthy.

Here are some amazing benefits our skin gains from honey and turmeric:

Honey and turmeric are naturally antibacterial, killing acne-causing properties, including against P. Acnes bacteria (the bacteria linked to acne). One study showed turmeric is 36 times stronger than azelaic acid, an intense acne drug.

Honey is osmotic, meaning it pulls water from the environment and discharges hydrogen peroxide, another antiseptic, further preventing acne causing bacteria.

At the same time that honey is antibacterial, killing the bad bacteria, it is also a probiotic, meaning it will help support the good bacteria on the skin creates a healthy balanced micro biome.

Rich in antioxidants, both honey and turmeric will reduce free radical damage.

Honey’s sticky texture acts like glue collecting grit and grime that might be on your skin.

Honey is a magic balancing potion for dry and oily skin—hydrating the skin with essential oils while also removing excess oils. 

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, helping reduce any puffy red ares you may be experiencing.

Turmeric is currently being studied, with positive findings, for its incredible insulin regulating properties.  This is super exciting since insulin is a known culprit for skin irregularities caused by hormones.  

This is the easiest face mask ever. Literally.  All you need is turmeric and honey.  The turmeric I used was the Simply Organic turmeric powder.   As for the honey, I highly suggest unpasteurized raw honey.   I try to buy local honey--farmers markets usually have the best for the best prices--not only does this support local farmers, regional honey can really help with seasonal allergies, however, sometimes I splurge on decadent honey, these are my two favs are the Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Honey and Really Raw Honey.

Use a small bowl and put a spoonful of honey into it.  I like using honey with the honeycomb for it’s gentle exfoliation.  Pour a little turmeric in at a time until you get a consistency you are comfortable with, one or two teaspoons is what I normally use. Mix it together and apply to your face.  I let it sit while I'm doing other things like oil pulling or dry brushing.  Take it off whenever you feel ready, normally anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Your skin will feel soooooo delicious afterwards, super smooth and hydrated!