i had heard so much about KNIX WEAR--one of the first underwear brands to start really listening to women and make products that work for us!  i mean, it's 2016, we still shouldn't be struggling to find a cute bra that does the job right, right?!  so i reached out to KNIX WEAR  and asked to try out some of these miracle pieces i had heard so much about.

as a lot of you know i'm currently in grad school, which means i'm home A LOT on my couch reading and writing a bazzilion hours a day.  yup, fun times.  this also means i need to be comfortable.  a bra has to be extraordinary for me to not take it off while studying.  so i did a little test for ya'll!! this week, while studying, i tried wearing the KNIX WEAR Everyday Evolution Bra.  and damnnnn i was impressed.  particularly after reading some not so good amazon reviews.--i was very pleasantly surprised.  the bra has a great amount of stretch, is absolutely seamless, wicks away moisture, is fast drying, doesn't cut in, totally reversible, comes with extra straps and like a bunch of other so necessary, awesome, YES things.

i took breaks to do yoga and go for some jogs and it's for sure one kick ass bra.  truly supportive and it didn't even cross my mind to get a little more comfy and go braless (which is saying a lot).    the only real critique i have is the boob shaping.  this bra does not produce that victoria's secret orbs that we have become so familiar with the past couple decades. but hey, boobs don't really look like that anyway.

now for these gosh darn cute undies!  love the color!

leak proof.  yes.  i actually said that. 

i snapped these photos and tested this set out while i had my period.  normally i don't do shoots on my period, for fear of leakage, but i figured it was totally appropriate here!  this might be TMI but if i'm not gonna say it who will?  normally i wear tampons with a panty liner (ORGANIC always!) with the KNIX WEAR bikini i axed the panty liner.  no problem.

some other things to note: moisture wicking, moisture locked sides, anti odor, absorbent, no seams, doesn't ride up--basically what every woman is looking for.  

i wear size small briefs and size 2 bra.  fit is true to size.

this is def one of my new go to companies.