Emily Wofford is an influencer, curator & the creative director behind Infinite Milk.  It represents the curious, the practical and the ones who want to embrace life fully with both their heart and mind.

 Some of Emily’s partnerships have included collaborations with Adore Me, Damaris, Huit, Lou Lingerie and many more,

 She lives in a small town in Iowa with her man David, their son Dil and pup Mochi.



My papa was born and raised in San Francisco and my mama was a debutant southern belle from Texas who, together, moved to the middle of nowhere Iowa to raise me and my two siblings in an international, intentional, meditation community.   Typical right? 

To give you a little taste, the cafeteria in my all girls’ school consisted of all organic vegetarian food.  Most of the produce was grown in the green house next door where they played 24/7 gandharva veda music. We meditated, did yoga and pranayama twice a day at school and learned sanskrit.  It was a very unique upbringing to say the least.  I was encouraged to be self-referral and soft, yet sensuality was not part of the picture.  I have no idea how or why but my love affair for lingerie began there.  And as soon as I was old enough to go shopping, I bought my very first thong, Calvin Klein, in black, white and neutral.  I worshipped those pieces and Calvin will always have a place in my heart.  But living in the Midwest, in a town of less than 10,000, the romance was mostly imaginary. 

Well, you can imagine by 18 I was dying to experience a different reality. 

Alone, I found my way to NYC to attend New York University.  Throughout college friends would gush over my intimates, always followed by a common complaint, “I just don’t know how to find new brands.”  Basically, they felt limited on how to discover the latest and cutest pieces.  Lingerie is for no one but the woman wearing it.  It’s an act of self-care and self love.  So when women look for a piece, they're looking to fall in love.  They want to feel comfortable, confident and fully taken care of by their lingerie.  It’s an intimate purchase.

The years I lived in the city, although were filled with immense struggle, exposed me to artists and fashion and people and food and music, I couldn't have even dreamed of.  I am who I am today because of those years.  My love of style and design and lingerie and sensuality only grew.  But something else became inspired as well.   I met a woman who traveled the world as a birth doula and educator.  I had never realized it before I met her, but there is a separation of sexuality from motherhood and motherhood from a woman's sexuality.  And she brought them together into one.  I began learning more and more about the birthing experience, listening to women's stories, and attending births.  At the same time working as a stylist.  Something rarely realized is the intimacy involved when styling someone.  There is so much body shame in our culture that it takes immense delicacy and grace to dress someone in a way that makes them feel confident, gorgeous and uplifted.  

As much as I completely loved the field I was in and working with people, I knew styling "normal clothes" was not for me.  After a stressful day I would walk through lingerie stores to find myself again.  It was the pure intention, the beauty and the femininity of the lingerie that would relax me.  To me it was like walking through an art museum.  It filled me up and inspired me.  A good piece of lingerie changed the way I felt and how I viewed myself.  It was magic. 

Eventually I made the decision to attend a graduate program focusing on maternity care and human sexuality.  But that meant making the heart breaking decision to leave NYC and move back to Iowa (tuition costs anyone???).  Little did I know that moving back to the slow pace of the midwest would open up so many opportunities.

  Finding myself back home, I finally began embracing my love for lingerie and Infinite Milk was created. It is my goal to share with you the best lingerie from around the world, intermittent with sex education tidbits, holistic health and body positivity.  Infinite Milk has developed into an incredible community where people can come and discover, share and learn.

I hope to inspire one's full expression of themselves, from finding their favorite lingerie style, to discovering the perfect foundation, to exploring what it means to be healthy in today's world, to what to do when preparing to conceive and a million things more!

Xx - Emily

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