When it comes to cleaning the vulva, experts say again and again NOT to use soap, however, if you absolutely have to—don’t do it daily and use a mild, non scented, organic soap, only on the outer vulvar skin. Both the vulva and vagina are self-cleaning so there's no need to really do much of anything at all.  A healthy vajayjay normally has a pH balance of around 4, which creates an environment to keep healthy bacteria healthy.   Soap on the other hand, will alter that natural pH level, making everything more alkaline. An alkaline vulva and vagina is more susceptible to those icky, awful, pesky UTI’s and yeast infections. 

Gross. Annoying.  No thank you!

OK, so I personally struggle with wanting something a little more than warm water to clean, but I don’t want to cause irritations or infections from using soap.  I recently fell in love with oil cleansing my vulva, and, honestly, after I got into this I became a little sad that no one had shared this miracle, safe, and healthy cleaning technique with me before!  Like how is this not the standard???

Everyone in the blogosphere has talked about using coconut oil as a natural lube—which helps prevent UTI’s and yeast infections, plus it lasts and lasssts.  

(Make sure to read up on this if you are going to try it, since oil and latex are NOT friends.)

This year I got into oil cleansing my face and I don't think I'll ever look back.  Some oils I've used are coconut and olive oils, both of which are anti-fungal and antibacterial, as well as beautifully hydrating.   These oils have a neutral pH so they won’t cause any unwanted bacterial disruption.  

Say hello to actual tropical goodness and goodbye to nasty summers eve and all those other chemical based fragrances that only wreak havoc.  A healthy microbiome is the goal so we have less to do and less to worry over.  

It's so simple.  Take a little spoonful of oil, warm it up in your hands, then give yourself a gentle vulva massage, which I have heard is good for the emotional health of the pussy (so sweet).   Be gentle, the vulvar skin is surprisingly delicate, even a tiny tear can make someone more susceptible to infections and STI's.  After my vulva lovin, I rinse off using warm water.  It's really that simple.   And it's ahhhhmazzzing. Giving you a clean, nourished and hydrated feeling.

As always I use all organic, cold pressed, hexane-free oils.  The link here is the coconut oil I use and here is the olive oil I use.  The olive oil is a little pricey, but I don't like to use a heavy olive oil and the quality is unbeatable.