Let's be honest, no one is thrilled with their nude underwear. And we all own some!  So forgive me if this is too bold but let's try something new!  Like the pink sheer set Featured here by Claudette known for their three piece mesh bras and their incredible color variation.  Not to mention the whole company is owned and run by women. Yes, I did just write that.  In many ways this set is much more "nude" than that tan bra that will never match my skin tone.  The color is so pale it will not draw attention if worn under--even a white blouse.  Also, because of the sheer mesh this set can withstand a greater amount of skin tone variation.  My surfer-babe-sister lives in Hawaii, so obviously she is ultra tan, whereas I hold true to my red hair roots and am milky white, the set can work on both our skin tones as a nude. And that's pretty exciting!

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