Every holiday season—without fail—I gain at least ten pounds (ok, let's be real--sometimes 15).  Holiday parties and potlucks and turkeys and leftovers, ahhhhhh my favorites!  Plus, it's freezing outside so I have no motivation to ever leave my down comforters.  All this is November and December, then January comes around and there is definitely some regret.  So I am taking preventative action here and this November David and I are spending it 100% sober, until Thanksgiving, cause what’s a day all about food without red wine?  That's NOT happening.

This November is no sugar, no alcohol, limited grains and wayyy reduced dairy.  Cleanse time!  

Instead of focusing too much on what I'm reducing, I like to fill that space with everything that will take the place of the above yums.  Which is tons more green juices and smoothies, I've been love-love-lovin my sparkling water (La Croix is my go to.   Taste is on point--no sodium or unnecessary ingredients, and normally you can buy 12 for under $5), my afternoon pick-me-up is a grapefruit kombucha over ice, and my pantry is filled with a million types of tea. Lastly, instead of missing rice and bread, I'm using quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat which are actually seeds not grains so a little substitution and no big deal.

For December we’ve decided to spend it 99% sober, except for that red wine again on Christmas dinner and of course some New Years champagne. 

More energy, tighter abs and less January guilt!  Yes, please and thank you!