I am a huge fan of bodysuits, love them!  but I'm picky.   When I discovered Sonata, although I loved her styles, I was a little hesitant to fall in love, because of the fabric.   Online it didn't look soft to me--and anyone who knows my blog, knows just how into comfort I am.  If something isn't comfortable, I will not wear it.  it's that simple.

Her designs were so gorgeous though, how could I not try them?!?

The parcel arrived, delicate and beautiful, with royal blue ribbons covering a small black box.  Inside was a soft, pristine work of art.  The craftsmanship was there, the quality was there, and it was ultra soft, like water slipping between my fingers. But I fell in love with the spirit of the piece--I have no idea how to explain it, but this piece put a spell on me.  A romance began when I opened that little black box.  

Sonata Rapalyte is def one of my new go to brands for bodysuits!  So many rich colors and styles--ladies, long sleeved bodysuits!--who else is drooling??  awesome as outerwear,  wearable for a laid back Sunday brunch with the girls or something more elegant for evening.

love. love. love. so in love.