I'm a huge fan of feeding your body from the molecular level--what do our cells actually need?  If the building blocks to our fundamental system aren't happy, we won't be happy.  

Whole foods




All things I look for as well as fermented, i.e. filled with good bacteria, i.e. probiotics.  As much as supplements are excellent, I am not the kind of person who likes taking a million pills and powders a day, but guess what?  I LOVE eating!  So I strive to find the nutrients my body needs in the food I love.

Here's a smoothie I make all the time that is an easy and yummy way to feed your mitochondria!  Yay!  It literally takes 4 minutes to make and is great on the go. 



Flax seeds 1 tbls 


Raw coconut oil 1 tbls

Dark leafy greens 4 cups (or to taste)

Berries 12 oz (or to taste) 

Yogurt 1 cup

A bit of honey if the berries don't cut it.


Collagen powder 1 tbls